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Controllercons was born from a passion for video games and iconography. The free-to-use icon pack is available to anyone who wants to decorate their website, add a bit of sparkle to a piece of print or jazz up their video title cards.

Controllercons is an ever-evolving project consisting of 24 video game controller icons, each with solid and outline variants. Each icon has been crafted to match the aesthetic of the controller whilst retaining legibility at smaller font sizes.

As the project grows so too will the variety of icons. v1.1 expands on the great game controllers from bygone eras but it doesn't stop here. More are on the way!


How to use



Upload the controllercons folder to your site's root directory and the following code to the <head> of your website.
<link rel="stylesheet" href="controllercons/controllercons.css">

Alternatively, embed the contents of controllercons.css into your site's main stylesheet, making sure to check the path of the font files at lines 3 & 4.

Use <i class="cc cc-[name]"></i> to embed controllercons into your code. Check the included demo for icon references or click the demo button below.

Package contents
  • .woff & .woff2 font files
  • Compiled .css files (expanded and minified)
  • .html demo page containing all controllercon class and unicode references



Install the .ttf file to your font library (Mac OS | Windows). The controllercons font will now appear in the font list for your program of choice.

You can use the included .psd file for icon references or the demo button below.

Package contents
  • .ttf font file
  • .psd & .png layout template
View demo page

License & usage

Controllercons are free to use for everyone, for both personal and commercial use. The only thing not permitted is the reselling of these icons.

If in doubt of the do's and don'ts drop me a line on Twitter or view the license (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Although contradictory, attribution is not required but it is always appreciated.

WordPress Plugin

The Controllercons WordPress plugin is now live, allowing you to embed controllercons directly into your blog's content and template files.

View Plugin Info


Release Notes

  • v1.1
    • 8 new icons:
      • Atari 2600
      • Sega Master System
      • Virtualboy
      • Sega Dreamcast
      • Switch Pro Controller
      • Wii Classic
      • Wii U Pro Controller
      • Xbox Controller S
    • Redesigned outline icons
    • Cleaner standard icons
  • v1.0
    • 17 icons each with two variants
    • Webfont download for web usage
    • Typekit download for desktop usage
    • WordPress Plugin is now available
      • Add Controllercons directly to your content via the WYSIWYG editor
      • Use the [controllercon] shortcode to embed icons anywhere else on your site


  • Handheld console icons:
    • Gameboy
    • Gameboy Color
    • Nintendo DS
    • And more…
  • Additional controller variants:
    • Any ideas?
  • And more… (probably)

Legacy Downloads


Controllercons are 100% free to use but if you are feeling frivolous a cheeky coffee wouldn't go amiss.

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